About Evrazia Logistics Ltd

Since its foundation in 2004, we managed to establish Evrazia Logistics as a reliable, precise and responsible partner in the highly competitive inland waterway transport market on Danube river.

Evrazia Logistics deliver to its clients sustainable and cost effective transport solutions for any heavy load that need to be forwarded between Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania or Ukraine.

Lower your transport costs with us

  • Evrazia Logistics can deliver your goods just in time at a lower cost compared to the conventional road transport. This is possible due to the high loading capacity of the ships.

  • The capacity of the inland waterway transport is incomparable to other forms of transport. If one vessel with a barge carry 3700 tons, for the same load will be needed 93 goods wagon or 148 trucks. The environmental cost of a cargo transported on road is 167% higher compared to this on vessel. For most bulk transport operations, 3-6 times less CO2 emissions than road and up to 2 times less than rail.

Companies that need to transport heavy loads or containers will find much cheaper solution on the inland waterways.

If you want to know what would be the cost to forward your cargo with Evrazia Logistics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Danube river as an European transport corridor

Danube is one of the main transport corridors in Europe, Pan-European Transport Corridor 7. It connects Western Europe with CEE in a way, which allow you to use the river transport to move goods between large number of EU countries.